Eurasia and the Mariana Express Lines Ltd. (MELL) have agreed to assist the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Industries and Commerce (MPllC) in tackling the concern of increasing waste junk vehicles all over Palau.

At the request of the Governors Association, MPllC through its Division of Solid Waste Management, sought to establish a process for the collection and exportation of such scrap junk vehicles, which were a national concern and a growing health issue.

While Palau has a number of metal scrap yards, according to them, the current market price for scrap metal is very low at $1SOUSD per ton and the cost of exportation combined with the cost of operation is too high producing little to no incentive to undertake such work.

Eurasia and MELL understands this growing national concern as well as the challenges to shipping costs scrap metal exporters face with the exportation of scrap waste vehicles, and has agreed to assist MPllC in addressing this dilemma by waiving its Bill of Lading fee, and reducing its outbound base rate for these cargo by 50 percent.

Eurasia and MELL will work with the Division of Solid Waste Management as the assigned booking party from MPIIC to ship the pretreated scrap vehicles to Kaoshiung in Taiwan.

Port The Ministry is appreciative and confident that this assistance from Eurasia and MELl- will motivate the contracted scrap companies to assist in this national endeavor and ultimately rid Palau of the estimated 600 scrap junk vehicles that are both an environmental and health hazard to our small island. (PR)