Aimeliik State Government and Elementary School Staff attending the Emergency Evacuation Shelter Management Training at the Aimeliik Evacuation Shelter with IOM, PRCS & NEMO on 7/26/21

Koror, Palau – Building on the communities’ resilience to respond to disaster, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) partnered with the National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) and Palau Red Cross Society (PRCS) to carry out an Emergency Evacuation Shelter Management Training to about 50 participants in the states of Ngchesar and Aimeliik. The aim of the trainings is to strengthen the communities’ ability to shelter and protect members of the community during disaster events.
All the participants were able to learn best practices in operating an emergency Evacuation shelter including set-up and operation, basic international humanitarian standards, care and maintenance of the facilities, and closure of an evacuation center. During the training participants also gained understanding of key roles and responsibilities to oversee an emergency evacuation center, and designated individuals for each of those roles at their respective shelters
These trainings were conducted at structures that had been assessed and designated as emergency shelters by the government of the Republic of Palau. Both designated shelters had received improvements to enhance their functionality as shelters such as typhoon shutters and improved hygiene facilities, and food preparation areas.
Based on available area and international sphere standards and with consideration the intention of the shelters is for short-term usage, it is estimated that the Ngchesar shelter can accommodate up to 75 persons and Aimeliik shelter has an estimated capacity of 100 persons.
Of the 50 participants in attendance, 41 completed the training with 20 (5 females, 15 males) trained in the Ngchesar, and 21 (13 females, 8 males) trained in the Aimeliik.

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