An exhibition of striking masks celebrating the rich and continuing tradition in the Torres Strait Islands opens on 15 August at the Belau National Museum and will remain on show until 4 September. This is the second exhibition hosted by the Australian Embassy in Palau.  The Embassy is delighted to present a glimpse of the Torres Strait Islands, and its rich cultural heritage.

The Torres Strait Islands are a remote collection of islands to the north of Australia with deeply-rooted culture and traditions. The exhibition explores the longstanding importance of masks in Torres Strait culture, ritual and how they influence contemporary art forms. The masks represent ancestral, supernatural and totemic beings that are central to the traditional beliefs and cultural practices of Torres Strait Islanders.

In Australia, the National Museum of Australia, Torres Regional Authority and Gab Titui Cultural Centre have partnered with the Embassy to provide the banners showcasing the masks, videos and audio from the Torres Strait that will be part of the Exhibition. 

“It is a privilege to host an exhibition on such an important part of Australia’s culture here in Palau” said Ambassador Richelle Turner, “We look forward to exploring the similarities between Palau and Torres Strait art and culture and we hope the Mask Exhibition will build connections between two proud maritime cultures across the Pacific.”

We encourage the people of Palau to come and see the exhibition, which is open during the Belau National Museum’s regular hours. 

For more information, please contact the Australian Embassy, Palau at 488-4628 or Follow us on Facebook  for more details on Australia’s activities in Palau. 

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