Senior Airman Clarissa Mafnas Helps Account for JTF Troops

Guam National Guard Public Affairs

BARRIGADA, Guam (October 25, 2021) – Senior Airman Clarissa Mafnas, resident of Tamuning, is part of a three-person team in charge of manpower and personnel for the Guam National Guard’s COVID-19 response unit, Joint Task Force 671. She has the responsibility of tracking over 200 service members, both Army and Air, on readiness requirements such as training, ongoing missions, and ensuring service members get proper resources. The challenge for Mafnas is dealing with the pressures normally reserved for someone with more than three years on the job.

In her civilian capacity, Mafnas works as a buyer for a private construction company, where her duties include planning and managing purchase orders for Guam’s Naval Base facilities. She often works with outside agencies, learning different leadership styles and networking. These private sector skills translate well to her military service as an Airman. “If there is one thing both my civilian and military lives have in common, it’s the ability to work well under pressure, adjust to all kinds of changes, and have good time management,” said Mafnas.

Her roles and responsibilities may differ, depending on which uniform she puts on. But if there’s an underlying similarity, it is her ability to support any mission to be successful, even if it means accepting the pressure of work usually reserved for higher ranks. Mafnas’ supervisor, Tech Sgt. Leilani Topasna, Non-Commissioned Officer in charge for the Joint Task Force 671 J1 personnel department, mentioned “SrA Mafnas is a true inspiration, who has the desire and willingness to complete each task.  Her dedication to the mission is exemplary exceeding all expectations.  She has so much to give with her attention to detail and commendable skills, she will conquer any challenge that comes her way.”

When she joined the National Guard in 2017, Mafnas’ intent was simple; to support her daughter. She later realized that joining the Guard meant being a part of an organization that is truly bigger than herself. “It’s more than just benefits, and the biggest reward is the opportunity to serve during our island’s time of need.”

When asked what keeps her motivated, Mafnas replied, “Working alongside the strong-willed service members, who continue to display their dedication and hard work every waking day, despite the risk it comes with being front liners, encourages me to stay resilient”.

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