Eyos Rudimch is in the lead for the seat of Governor based on the unofficial results of the 12th General Election of Koror State held on Tuesday this week.  He received 1,656 votes while his contender Alan T. Marbou had 1,496.

Records from Palau Election Commission showed that there were 42 walk-in/absentee votes cast, 406 requested absentee ballots, and 96 confined, a total of 544 ballots.  Absentee ballots are still expected in this coming Sunday flight and it is not yet certain how many absentee ballots will be received before the deadline but long-time observers of Koror elections say that they will be no change in the outcome.  “Votes are always spread evenly amongst candidates and they usually follow the trends here.  So I don’t expect the outcome to change,” stated a voter of Koror State that has been voting in Koror for decades.

The top five (5) vote-getters for the 5 At-Large seats are Millan Isack, Jason Nolan, Kyonori “Kyon” Tellames, Marie Meor Anderson-Nabeyama, and Uchel Sechewas.

For hamlets, Tito Ringang leads in Ngermid, Francisco M. Ueki, Jr. “Nioch” leads Ngerkesoaol, Job Kikuo leads Ngerchemai, Devon T. Andreas leads Iyebukel, Olkeriil John Yaoch leads Idid, R. Eledui Omelau leads Meketii, Richard Alonz leads Ikelau, Alonz Moses lead in Ngerbeched, Jennifer Akiwo leads Madalaii, Edwenor Sadang leads Meyuns and Rhinehart Silas leads Ngerkebesang. 

Only two out of six female candidates for legislature made it.  If they maintain their positions after the final tally of absentee ballots, 2 out of the 17 Legislators of the new 12th Koror State Legislature will be women, representing 12% of the elected leadership of the State.

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