Your word, O LORD, will last forever;

   it is eternal in heaven.

Your faithfulness endures

      through all the ages;

   you have set the earth in place,

      and it remains.

All things remain to this day 

      because of your command,

   because they are all your servants.

If your law had not been the

     source of my joy,

   I would have died from my sufferings.

I will never neglect your instructions,

   because by them you have kept

      me alive.

I am yours – save me!

   I have tried to obey your commands.

Wicked men are waiting to kill me,

   but I will meditate on your laws,

I have learned that everything has limits;

                                                                                  but your commandment is perfect.

Psalm 119: 89 – 96 TEV

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