A series of memorial services at the gravesites of Palauan Veterans was held on Wednesday morning, with members of the US Embassy and the US Armed Forces Veterans Association of Palau accompanying the “Gold Star” families of seven Palauans.

Palau has historically contributed heavily to the US military, with Palauans joining the US Armed Forces at a higher per capita rate than any US State.

“By serving the US Armed Forces, Palauans effectively serve in the defense of the Republic of Palau,” the US Embassy said. “The commitment and sacrifice of these veterans should be celebrated.”

The Palauan veterans who gave their lives in the Armed Forces include Cpt. John J. Kintaro, Cpl. Jaygee Ngirmidol Meluat, Cpl. Adam Quitugua Emul, Cpl. Meresebang Ngiraked, Spc. Philton Ueki, Sgt. Jasper Obakrairur, and Sgt. Sonny J. Moses.

The memorial service was followed by a Veteran’s Day parade in downtown Koror.

The parade, which began at the Koror State Council of Chiefs Office and ended at Global Village Park, included members of the US Armed Forces Veterans Association of Palau, the Police Force and Fire and Rescue personnel, members of the US Embassy, Air Force, and Civic Action Team, the Palau Safety Office, and representatives from the States, with the Thunder Chiefs Motorcycle Club bringing up the rear.

The parade was followed by a flyover by a B-1 Lancer bomber, flanked by two F-22 Raptors, which took off from Guam on Wednesday morning, manned by Air Force pilots.  

President Remengesau requested all branches of the National Government, State Governments, and private employers to release Veteran employees and their immediate family members on paid leave for the day. 

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