Stolen boat found. (photo credit: L. Benge FB page)

A boat belonging to Lavender Benge and her husband Bion Blunt, stolen over the weekend from PC dock, was found yesterday at Ngardmau after it has been reported missing for two days. The boat was said to have been stolen sometime on Saturday night early Sunday morning according to information shared by the family. The missing boat was reported to law enforcement and state rangers on very next day.
The family reported that yesterday, January 11, with help of friends and states rangers, they found their boat docked at “outer dock of Ngardmau”.
“The plan was to go to Ollei port by boat to see if it was somewhere around there because we’ve received tips that it was last seen at Ollei port. It was around 2pm to 3pm when we found it. We were passing by (Ngardmau) and decided to verify because we caught a glimpse of it from the distance” said Lavender.
The family expressed their gratitude to the many people that made it possible for them to find their family boat quickly. Their friend, Jay Okada, lent them his boat to go search for theirs as soon as they found out it was missing. They were also grateful for the assistance of Mars Ngirmeriil who assisted them in their search from day one as well as Gabriel Sakaziro, whom according to Lavender, was part of the investigation and was a guide helping to bring their boat to safety.
The family said that many friends and family members on FB helped to spread the word resulting in tips to law enforcement and to them of possible whereabouts of the boat. They added that Koror State Rangers, Ngarchelong Rangers and Kayanger Rangers helped in the effort which helped them recover their boat quickly before it was damaged.
No suspect or suspects have yet been identified and the investigation is ongoing.

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