On May 27 2016, Fastenal, one of North America’s largest product distributors and Matson, a leader in Pacific shipping, teamed up to donate 1,512 cases of Fastenal purified drinking water to Palau during the most severe drought  it has ever experienced.  


The National Emergency Committee (NEC) distributed the water to all of the States of Palau for the elderly, disabled, homebound or otherwise debilitated people.

All of Palau’s States nearly dried up completely of water during the drought and water continues to be collected for other household purposes.  “The National Emergency Committee appreciates Fastenal and Matson for making this possible and helping to ensure that drinking water is made available for those who need it the most.”  Says Vice President Bells, the Chairman of the NEC.  “We also would like to thank the Peleliu Club of Guam who facilitated the donation and covering the additional trucking charges and making the donation possible.” The Vice President added. [/restrict]