From 27 June to 04 July 2016, a Palau Delegation embarked on Cultural Exchange Visit to Taiwan, Republic of China (ROC).  The Delegation was headed by the Hon. Sabino Anastacio, Speaker of the House of Delegates and the Hon. Duane Hideo, Governor of the State of Ngchesar and comprising of 2 other members of the House of Delegates, namely the Hon. Delegate Lucio Ngiraiwet of Ngardmau and the Hon. Delegate Sebastian Marino of Hatohobei, as well as, people from Ngchesar State and Aimeliik State.  There were 52 Palauans, plus Mr. Jerry Liu from the Embassy of the ROC in Palau and Ms. Finska Kuo, RN, a Taiwanese volunteer working with the MOH.


The Delegation made courtesy visit to the following institutions in Taiwan: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, The Council of Indigenous Peoples, Shin Kong Hospital , Show Chwan Hospital, The Mayor of Changhua, E-DA Hospital and Kaohsiung City Government.

During the visit to the Council of Indigenous peoples, the Delegation was advised by the Honorable Minister Icyang Parod that Her Excellency President Tsai, Ying-wen intends to formally express and convey the first ever National Apology, to the 16 Aboriginal Tribes of Taiwan for the lack of assistance and serious considerations the Government extends toward the Natives of Taiwan. Speaker Anastacio spoke and conveyed his admiration and applaud to President Tsai, Ying-wen, through Minister Parod, for her bold stance on such controversial issue, and also conveyed his warm congratulations to President Tsai, Ying-wen for her successful election as the first ever woman President of the Republic of China/Taiwan.

The Delegation was also fortunate to visit the aforementioned three hospitals in Taiwan, and was fascinated with the level of services said hospitals provide to its patients and especially the amenities and facilities made available.  More importantly, the fact that these three hospitals provide much needed assistance and support to Palau patients who are medically referred to Taiwan for treatments as well as the cooperation and tremendous assistance and support extended to Palau medical students studying in Taiwan, particularly in the said hospitals.

Regretfully and due to an unfortunate incident in Palau, Speaker Anastacio had to return early to Palau and thus, he delegated sole responsibility and authority to Governor Duane Hideo to head and lead the Delegation for the remaining days of the visit.

Governor Hideo, during the farewell function, conveyed the Delegation’s deepest sense of gratitude to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of China/Taiwan, for the excellent welcoming reception and to the people of the Republic of China – and all concerned – for the warm hospitality kindly extended to the Delegation since arrival in Taiwan. Most especially and in particular to Jerry and Finska for their untiring efforts and hard work extended to the Delegation throughout their stay in Taiwan.

The Governor also highlighted the many significant and generous stimulus grant and assistances offered to the Government and people of Palau by the Government of the ROC, and most especially those being extended to his home State of Ngchesar.

The Governor vowed to work in close collaboration with Palau leadership and the Government of the ROC to further promote, enhance and strengthen the existing close bilateral relationship between the two countries, and further expressed his hope for more future people to people exchange program which he strongly believes would further develop, foster and enhance a prosperous friendship cooperation and understanding between the two countries and its peoples.

The Delegation departed Taipei, Taiwan on 04 July 2016 arriving in Palau at 10:25pm on the very same day. [/restrict]