By: L.N. Reklai

President Remengesau and Taiwan Embassy Counselor Joseph Chang unveiled the completion of numerous infrastructural project phases in Ngarchelong, Ngardmau, Ngaraard, Aimeliik and Ngatpang this week. The completed projects cost over $1.8 million dollars. The new infrastructure projects that broke ground costs over $2.79 million dollars.  Altogether, the projects unveiled this week cost a total of $4.61 million dollars.


“These projects are initiated by State governments based on what each State identify as priority for State development and we facilitate those requests by working with the Republic of China-Taiwan government to get funding for these projects,” stated Remengesau.

“Once approved, the national government Capital Improvement Office (CIP) implements the projects in each State,” added President Remengesau.

Projects include Ngarchelong’s new water distribution line from Badrulchau to Mengellang which will provide running water to homes between these two sites. Capital Improvement Projects in other states include new state buildings, new water transmission lines, renewable energy sources, and rehabilitation of state roads.

President Remengesau expressed his appreciation to the Republic of China for its continued support and partnership in Palau’s development.

“I want to make it clear that that the priorities come from each State. That is why we see different infrastructure project for each State.  Also, the Republic of China does not give us one lump sum payment each year.  Payments are disbursed according to the project stage and request for drawdown upon completion,” explained President Remengesau to an inquiry at the press conference.

Progression ceremonies held this week include:

Ngardmau State Government Office Building Phase-I and Ngardmau Bridge Reconstruction.  In Ngarchelong, the Ngerbau Recreational & Eco-Tour Park Phase-II and the Badrulchau-Mengellang Water Distribution Line Extension began construction. In Ngaraard, the Ngkeklau-Ulimang Road Paving Phase-III, Elab Road Paving Project Phase-IV, Ngkeklau-Ulimang Road Paving Phase-I. In Ngeremlengui- the State Road Rehabilitation Phase-IV, the Compact Connecting Road Phase-IV. And in Aimeliik and Ngatpang, the Mongami Road Paving Phase-II, Meltelatel Road Paving Phase-IV, Koksai-Nekken Road Paving Phase-VI, and the Ngerkeai Museum Improvement Project is near completion. [/restrict]