Financial Institutions Commission’s Board advised leaders of both houses of congress (Olbiil Era Kelulau) that Semdiu Decherong was no longer the Executive Commissioner and that Cjay Shiro, the Junior Bank Examiner, will serve as the Interim Executive Commissioner until further notice.

The termination came immediately after pictures of a damaged government vehicle used by FIC and a video of a confrontation between Mr. Decherong and another person was circulated widely over the weekend.

The vehicle was said to have been damaged while it was parked in front of Umi Restaurant and that the police were investigating the person or persons that damaged the vehicle. When reached for comments, Mr. Decherong denied damaging the vehicle and said police were currently investigating. He also denied having been arrested for the incident.

The FIC board quickly moved to terminate Mr. Decherong on Monday after the pictures and videos went viral on Sunday.  No information on whether the Board gave Mr. Decherong a chance to explain himself or not, but he was immediately terminated on Monday.

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