Charge d’affaires Counselor Joseph Chang of the ROC (Taiwan) Embassy in the Republic of Palau (ROP) presented two checks amounting to near one million US dollars to Hon. Billy G. Kuartei, ROP Minister of State on July 11th. The two checks are respectively for final tranche of 2013 annual assistance for three construction/renovation projects and seventh tranche of 2014 annual assistance that provides budgetary support to the ROP national government.


For the final tranche of 2013 annual assistance, funded projects in this action are Office of the Attorney General Renovation Project, Belau National Hospital and Ministry of Education Photovoltaic Systems Repair Project, Division of Customs Kennel Facility Improvement Project.

For the budgetary support, it is anticipated that the funding will be used to pay the rent of the ROP’s Embassy and Ambassador’s residence in Taipei, to supplement Administration, Inspection and Contingency cost (AIC) to Capital Improvement Project (CIP) Office, and other projects to be named later.

The ROC government treasures cordial relationship with the ROP and is happy to render continuous assistance to the people and government of the ROP. It is ROC government’s utmost wish that people of Palau are able to benefit from projects through its assistance of any kind. [/restrict]