Jonathan Finay, a young man who was earlier charged on two felony counts of trafficking and possession of controlled substance methamphetamine, accepted a guilty plea to Trafficking a Controlled Substance Methamphetamine and had the second count of Possession of Controlled Substance against him dismissed.

According to the terms of the plea agreement, Mr. Finay will be sentenced to 12 years in prison and 13 years on probation.  The terms also state that he will be housed “separately from Aiken Uehara, Silverio Rengulbai, Leenan Omesuul, Reginald “C-Boy” Tmetuchl, and Kazuma Takada” and that they have separate release times for breaks.

Mr. Finay was caught selling methamphetamine to a government Confidential Informant (CI) in April of this year.  He attempted to evade arrest and the police shot the tires of the vehicle stopping his escape and he was arrested and charged for Trafficking Controlled Substance and Possession of Controlled Substance.

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