Two roads diverge in a wood, and I — I took the road less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.  – ROBERT FROST

Finding your voice is being able to express yourself as a person.  Each one of us has a theme.  A speaker, teacher, minister, or  writer, author usually have a theme throughout their lifetime. This is what makes you unique with a voice – a theme throughout your lifetime.  And the voice is to build, edify those who hears.

I found a church with a preacher with a unique theme of teaching  that made me think of who I am in Christ.  He taught us to understand freedom — not to do whatever I want but to take responsibility for my life.  I am free to make choices. I am free to choose not to fear critics and those who think less of me so I can live for Christ and Him alone.  I am enough.  I am the little I am in the GREAT I AM.

My theme is to walk with you to the CROSS of Jesus and help you unload your burdens and let him heal the hurt within that is infecting your relationship with God, with others and with yourselves.  And one way to get there is finding your voice — your purpose. John Hugo writes, “There is nothing so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” It’s like ke melisbekl ra chereomel edi mengerem (survive) then ekemetik ra rolem el milngiil er kau since your birth. You begin to live. You know deep within not knowing how or why but you know.  You feel you can fly.  And fly you will. 

You find that you just don’t get sucked into or pulled down for long by all the negative, demoralizing, insulting forces in the organization. In a way we’re all a mess. Sometimes you realize you can’t wait for a boss or the organization to change. You become an island of excellence in a sea of mediocrity. When you discoveryour your voice you’re going to be like a contagious virus. That’s humbling.

Your voice is your inner strength. JESUS came to give us life and to give us life abundantly.  Go for it! Don’t look sideways. Look up!

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