To commemorate the Halloween season, the Civic Action Team 133-29 hosted Palau’s first ever zombie run that took place on Thursday October 15th at the Palau Track and Field.

The event garnered a huge turnout with 200 who came and participated in the run. With it being close to Halloween, the exercise that took place last week was different then other runs that are previously hosted.

Out of the 200 participants, 170 chose to be runners for the event while the 30 remaining played the role of “zombie”.

The 170 participants were given yellow tape and had to run from Palau Track and Field to Belau National Hospital and back without having their flags taken by the “zombies”.

Rewards were given to the participants who were able to complete the run and there were more prizes given through a raffle drawing.

According to CAT Team Member Stephanie Wolff, the turnout of the event exceeded their expectations.

“We were anticipating at max a 100 participants, so turnout was amazing! With the support of our sponsors and PTFA’s support in advertising, the event was an overwhelming success.” Said Wolff.

The Civic Action Team 133-29 are also preparing for their upcoming haunted house held at Camp Katuu on October 30th and 31st.

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