for the Project for Strengthening Capacity in Non-Revenue Water Reduction in Palau

On July 5, 2022, the Palau Public Utilities Corporation (PPUC) held its first Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) meeting for the Project for Strengthening Capacity in Non-Revenue Water Reduction in Palau. Stakeholders including PPUC, Koror State Government and Environmental Quality Protection Board (EQPB) attended the meeting which included progress reports delivered by JICA experts as well as PPUC counterparts. Representatives from the Embassy of Japan and JICA Palau Office were also in attendance. Technical experts in Japan were also able to join virtually.
Since March 2022, JICA and PPUC have made significant progress including pipeline location through PALARIS database workshop, night flow monitoring with installation of trail cameras on flow meters, and selection of pilot area for pipe renewal. The project has 3 outputs namely 1) Implementation capacity of pipe renewal is improved through preparation of pipelines renewal basic plan for Koror-Airai water distribution system; 2) Capacity of leak detection and replacement/switch-over of pipes is improved; and 3) Capacity of commercial loss reduction, water use monitoring, public awareness on water savings is improved.
In his opening remarks, CEO Frank Kyota expressed PPUC’s appreciation to JICA and the Japan Government for their continued support throughout the years including financial and technical assistance. He mentioned about a recent project also funded by Japan Government through JICA, the “Grant Aid Project for Improvement of Water Supply System” that included installation of new water distribution and transmission lines in Koror and Airai as well as a new water storage tank in Malakal. CEO Kyota also recognized and congratulated JICA for their 25th year anniversary in Palau.

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