The first three-day Youth Conference to raise awareness and educate the youth on topics of cyberbullying, drug and alcohol abuse and sexual abuse was organized by the Narcotics Enforcement Agency (NEA) and Law Enforcement Explorer Program (LEEP) through the Ministry of Justice was a success.
“I loved this conference, I feel the need to address and talk more about these points and how we should deal with them. I learned so much today,” said a PHS student when asked how he felt about it when he first came in and after the event.
“This event was really helpful and should also be towards elementary students too because the young ones are most exposed. It is important for them to know that these things are not okay since they are most exposed to technology and our culture really conflicts about voicing out our problems because we learn to just keep it within our homes and even at home, we don’t know how to build bonds with our families because of lack of communication about these problems” expressed two PMA students.
The students discussed and shared insights on the subjects of cyberbullying, drug and alcohol abuse and underage drinking.
They spoke on how it can harm an individual’s physical and mental self as well as the consequences of the law and where they can end up if they pursue these kinds of acts.
“Going online to post mean comments of people can really hurt someone on the inside mentally and may cause them to inflict harm on themselves that may lead to suicide,” said one student on the impact of cyberbullying.
Another said, “Be careful about over posting it can lead to identity theft, stalking and accepting any request could lead to hacking of accounts so beware of putting all information out there.”
A student pointed out that technology like social media can put someone in danger because they can be exposed to extortion and gambling.
Students from all high schools in all grades attended the event to listen to guest speakers about these problems within our community what they should know to help protect them.
President Tommy Remengesau Jr., Vice President Arnold Oilouch, NEA Director Ismael Aguon and Mr. and Mrs. Shiro Kanai all addressed the students’ gathering.
12 mixed groups of students from all high schools that attended chose a topic that they feel is a problem to present and explain to their peers through their understanding on how and why it should be dealt with.
The students looked at all points of consequences when talking about subjects of cyberbullying, drug and drinking abuse and underage drinking.
They also discussed the psychological aspect of alcohol and drug abuse and underage drinking which can also lead to self-harm and into trouble with the law.
A student with an experience from seeing his family member who has done drugs advised his peers not to do drugs.
“Guys! Listen! Don’t do drugs! I have an uncle that you all have probably seen in Beliliou. He has one finger on his palm and he has no teeth and no hair. That is what drugs can do to you. Don’t do it. You’ll be dealt with heavy fines and have to spend time in rehab.”
The students expressed so many points and admitted to each other that they themselves have seen and been affected.
They also tell each other its okay to tell someone and seek help when things are not okay and are being affected by something whether it be sexual abuse or cyberbullying.
The conference was filled with experienced, strong minded and strong voiced people. 28 junior advisors working under the PVA grant have also learned a lot from conducting this program.
“It took a lot of preparation and obstacles to do this. But I enjoyed it especially the students for being a part of this” said a junior advisor.
The conference was conducted by the L.E.E.P organization conducted by Chairman/Legislator Vierra Torribiong, Vice Chairman Miwa Nabeyama and Secretary Treasurer Sanya Olkeriil.

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