Belau Beach Volleyball Club had their First Grass Volleyball Tournament on Saturday February 29th 2020.  The tournament called the “Fast Six” was opened to both men and women’s division.  All teams have to register with a $60 fee and no substitutes, all games will follow indoor rules as long the r server keeps in rotation. 66 people signed up with 5 women’s team and 6 men’s team.

All fees go to the club volleyball development program in the island.  Winning team will win Medals and free airtime (sponsored by OYC). Women’s team winners are 3rd place-Team Peleliu, 2nd place-Team millennials, 1st place- Team the Mixed. The men’s team winners are 3rd place-Team Emmaus, 2nd place-Team Irie Bireh, and 3rd place-HGA. This event will be annual.