By Francis Talasasa,  Reporter

August 17th 2016 [Koror] ‘’ There is always room for improving and managing service deliveries and as a team player, I will work with everyone to further improve our government”, explained President Tommy E. Remengeseu at the 1st Presidential debate of the Presidential primary election yesterday.


Questions on national issues regarding education, health, economy and law and order were debated.

Senator Surangel Whipps Jr. highlighted that the government can do better to carry out effective service delivery at the management level. An alternative strategy to formulate a better approach begins with a change of governance, he said.

Senator Sandra Pierantozzi has also leveled out similar sentiments, more critical about the point of corruption. She promised to bring about a government that treats its citizens equally if elected.

Meanwhile, vice president Antonio Bells stressed more to the importance of rule of law. He urged supporters to practice and exercise law to use as guidelines for a transparent government.

However, President Tommy E. Remengeseu in his response delivered words to the people that his government was able to accomplish what “we all wanted to accomplish 4 years ago”.  He said it took team work of the Administration, OEK, State Governments, community groups and public sector to accomplish the objectives that we all wanted to achieve.

He explained the service delivery including other partnership programs have been progressing with encouraging results. [/restrict]