By: L.N. Reklai

August 16, 2016 (Koror) Eight Palauan students from various high schools in Palau and Palau Community College received scholarship awards for bachelor programs at Taiwan universities from the Republic of China(Taiwan).


“This is the single largest number of students from Palau getting scholarships from ROC at one time. We are very thankful to the people and the government of Republic of China for this very important assistance,” declared Minister Sinton Soalablai of the Ministry of Education.

According to Minister Soalablai, this is one scholarship that has had the highest success rate of students completing the program and returning home to work and contribute to nation building. “The success rate is between 95% to 99%.”

“We are very happy that Taiwan is not allowing our young people to stay and work in Taiwan so that they can come home and contribute to nation building here in Palau,” reiterated Soalablai.

“We, the people of Taiwan, truly believe in the value of education as way to develop and improve our country and it is truly our pleasure to be able to extend similar opportunity to our friend and ally,” declared Ambassador  Michael Tseng of the ROC.

The interest in the ROC scholarship program has been gaining momentum over the years according to Minister Soalablai. The selection process is rigorous.

“It is made up actually of 2 scholarships.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) scholarship is for one year of intense mandarin course and this is approved by the Republic of China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs.  The second one is ICDF Scholarship and this is the actual 4 year university bachelor program.  For this scholarship, the students apply directly to ICDF and ICDF makes the final selection. That is why, to see such diverse students getting accepted after a thorough process, makes me very happy,” explained Minister Soalablai.

Ambassador Tseng congratulated the students and encouraged them to work hard, to make friends with people of Taiwan and to enjoy their experience and come back and help build their country.

Concluding, Minister Soalablai encouraged the students to be ambassadors for Palau while in Taiwan.  “You are investing not only in your future but also in Palau’s future.” [/restrict]