With pandemic going on and borders closed, some local tour companies do what they can to survive, including helping the community when they can.
Two weeks ago while passing by, team from Fish N’ Fins dive shop noticed a huge mass of floating trash near the German Lighthouse area. The strong winds, storms and the change of the wind direction had brought a lot of trash into Palau from Indonesia and that much of it had accumulated around the German Lighthouse rock islands bays.
On Sunday a group of Fish’n Fins staff and friends volunteered to clean up the trash from the shore and the ocean and successfully collected an enormous amount of rubbish.
25 people participated with this effort and a huge amount of trash was collected. PI & E donated fuel for the two boats, Barracuda restaurant donated lunch for all, and Fish ‘n Fins donated boats, drivers, trash bags, gloves and trash scoops.
Fish ‘n Fins thanks everyone for helping to keep Palau beautiful.

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