KOROR, PALAU – Palau Red Cross Society (PRCS) in collaboration with Ministry of Education (MOE) hosted the third Annual First Aid School Competition. The event brought together 72 grade 6-8 students from 5 central elementary schools namely Airai Elementary School, George B. Harris Elementary School, Koror Elementary School, Maris Stella School, and Meyuns Elementary School. These students competed on First Aid & CPR scenarios, Health, Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), and School Safety topics. All participating students, coaches, and judges were required to have training in First Aid & CPR.
This Annual First Aid School Competition commemorates International World First Aid Day (10th September) as well as Palau’s National Preparedness Month (September). The goal of the competition serves to highlight the importance of life saving first-aid, to empower young people with a sense of camaraderie and care for the community, and to promote safety in our schools.
“Overall, this is a great event to bring students together and to compete by applying their knowledge and skills on First Aid and CPR”, said Dean Terry of MOE and PRCS National Governing Board Member.
PRCS acknowledges the support of Partners: Task Force Engineer (TFE), Tiger Team, and Civic Action Team comprised of the United States Marine Corps, Navy, and Army who served as judges for the competition; Mindszenty High School Junior and Senior students as simulation actors as well as assisting with logistics which was led by Airport Rescue Fire Fighters (ARFF); Bureau of Public Safety for traffic control and ensured safety for all; Health Care Coalition (HCC) and Ministry of Health & Human Services Emergency Health Program (MHHS EH) for printing services and provision of Health and WASH supplies for the competition participants and volunteers. The competition winners and prizes are, as follows:

Congratulations to all the competitors of this 3rd Annual First Aid School Competition! This year, the George B. Harris Elementary School earned their title as back-to-back champions securing the Traveling Trophy. Once again, CONGRATULATIONS!!
*Emergency Preparedness Kit – bullhorn, lanterns, and flashlights. **First Aid School Kit – bandages, gauze dressing, crepe rolled bandages, sterile gloves, tweezers, scissors, tongue depressor, applicator/swab, alcohol pads, first aid tape, and betadine. ***WASH Supplies – 44GL water containers, 1GL simple green cleaner and spray, 1GL hand soap refill and bottles.

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