Landslide in Babeldaob during brought by the heavy downpour on July 13 and 14, 2019. (File Photo courtesy of Borman Teltull)

Over the weekend, Palau experienced heavy rainfall ranging from 5.93 to 10.02 inches that caused flooding, landslides/mudslides and fallen debris in some areas of Babeldaob.

Bureau of Public Works (BPW) has already started the work in the affected area and mobilized on Saturday to address road issues caused by heavy winds and rains.

Director Brian Melairei of Public Works said that one big landslide occurred in Ngaraard and two landslides occurred in Ngchesar which were at north of agriculture building and south of jungle river cruise.

As of Monday afternoon, fallen trees in the area were removed by the public works team which is still working to remove soils from roadsides at several locations in Babeldaob.

Melairei has also requested the public to exercise caution and to follow posted and guided signs for safety.

National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) in collaboration with National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a statement requesting the public to secure any loose items around their residences and to take precaution when driving to and from Babeldaob as areas have been damaged.

It has also predicted light to moderate rainfall, isolated thunderstorms and windier conditions that may increase during the period of rainfall which will gradually improve mid-week.

The statement released reads, “Sea and Surf conditions remain hazardous at these times. Therefore, NEMO has issued a Small Craft Warning for the entire Republic of Palau and remains in effect. This includes both inside and outside of the reef.”

NEMO and the National Weather Service will continue to monitor weather conditions and will update the public accordingly. (Eshan Kalyanikar)