In less than a month, two media companies namely TVBS Media Inc. and Asia Digital Media Co. were in Palau to film Palau’s unique attractions and much more. Currently on ground is another media crew from Ciao magazine to shoot photos of Palau to be published for their readers, amounting to over a million.

Each media group targets different markets and vary in content delivery. TVBS Media Inc. is one of the top broadcasting media companies in Taiwan and is keen on giving Palau an exposure which will focus on providing in-depth content spotlighting the country’s environmental efforts, sustainable development, and environmental goals.

In contrast, Asia Digital Media Co., a well-known media group all throughout Asia, aims to produce informative content for its Asia Travel Channel showcasing Palau’s attractions and hidden gems from the perspective of a backpacker spirit.

Due to the collaborative efforts of the Taiwan Embassy and Palau Visitors Authority (PVA), including PVA Taiwan Representative Mr. Alex Lei, multiple state governments, and local tour operators/businesses, Palau is seen to have a strong media presence this year. (PR)