CPD Mizinov deny allegations

By: L.N. Reklai

November 24, 2016 (Koror, Palau) Former Assistant Attorney General Greta Jibbensmith never said that she was raped while she was in Palau said former Attorney General John Bradley who responded to inquiries from this paper after returning from weekend trip to Carp Island.  


In an email letter to Tia Belau reporter, former AAG Jibbensmith accused the Office of Attorney General for firing her because she had refused to work with Chief Public Defender Mizinov whom she accused in her email of raping her.

Chief Public Defender Dan Mizinov had denied all allegations of rape made by Jibbensmith.

“She refused to communicate and only after she left Palau she started making these false accusations,” stated former AG John Bradley.

As a former elected district attorney, I am well aware of how to handle a claim by an employee that she has been sexually assaulted and understand the sensitivity that should be shown to protecting such an employee from the alleged perpetrator, especially should that person work in the same space as the victim,” stated Bradley.

“But any manager would first have to be told there was a problem. Greta did NOT report such a problem. She simply refused to work. Then she refused to explain why she wouldn’t work,” he added.

Furthermore, according to Bradley, Ms. Jibbensmith volunteered to argue an appellate case on the issue of how the speedy trial act should be applied. That argument occurred AFTER she said she couldn’t work with the PD office and PD Mizinov was handling the defense side of the argument.

“She had no problem with the case and did not asked to be removed from it,” stated AG Bradley.

Ms. Jibbensmith, who was fired on August 31, 2016  for breach of contract, accused Chief Public Defender Dan Mizinov of raping her and accused Attorney General’s Office for firing her.

In a copy of email communication between Jibbensmith and Bradley dated September 6, 2016, AG Bradley stated, “This is the third attempt I’ve made to contact you after you left our meeting.”

In addition Bradley stated, “After you refused to work on criminal prosecutions, I informed you that you were violating your contract.  If there is some reason that excuses you, we are glad to listen and consider it.  So far you have simply said that you could not work in the same building as the Public Defender’s Office, implying there is some conflict but not providing names or details. You informed me that you would resign before providing any details.”

Former AG Bradley further stated, “If we proceed on this basis, you have breached the contract and are required to reimburse the ROP for travel and shipping expenses.  However, as I mentioned before, I am willing to accept a written resignation from you and waive the financial consequences.  The assumption in this settlement is that neither side will complain further.”

Ms. Jibbensmith replied to the email from Bradley in short statement wanting to see terms of “settlement” and paycheck.   “Your email regarding my potential resignation in lieu of you firing did not say you would waive reimbursement….I need to see exact terms of agreement….I am anticipating a paycheck and package,” stated Jibbensmith.
Regarding the rape allegation, former AG Bradley declared “That is not a rational approach for a mature, trained lawyer who has previously counseled victims of sexual assault. I can only assume that something unexplained to us is causing her to behave in such an erratic manner,” said Bradley.

According to Bradley, he even tried to assist her by proposing to amend her contract to work with Ministry of Health if she really didn’t want to work for AGO.

“She refused to do any work during the 60-day period. She also refused to resign as a way of speeding up being hired by MOH,” added AG Bradley. “Greta’s communications throughout all this were polite and cheerful. Her behavior now is bizarre.”

Greta Jibbensmith was hired on March 21st of this year by the Office of Attorney General to serve as one of the assistant attorney generals within the AGO.  She worked for 5 months before she was given her notice of termination on August 31, 2016. Termination notice triggers the 60 day before actual contract terminates.

Mr. Bradley had not left the island as earlier reported but could not be reached via phone or internet over the weekend at Carp Island. He is set to depart Palau on December 1st. [/restrict]