Former Angaur Governor Marvin Ngirutang met with the people of Angaur last Tuesday to apologize for “bringing shame to the people and the State of Angaur” as a result of the case filed against him by the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Misconduct in Public Office last year.

He reported to the people of Angaur that he had completed his probation and had paid off the full restitution amount of $72,905.53.

The former governor was charged with Misconduct in the Public Office and other serious charges but was later reduced to misdemeanor charges.

The charges against Ngirutang stemmed from the $500k appropriation from the national government to repair Angaur’s boat Regina IV during his term as a governor.

An audit on the boat repair operation showed funds expended that did not follow proper procurement procedures.  Former governor Ngirutang said that with the advice of his state treasurer and legal counsel, he issued payments that were later determined to violate national procurement law.

As restitution, he was ordered to pay back $72,905.53 and to do so in monthly installments of $6,629.75

In August 2021, after requesting more time to make payments, the Office of Special Prosecutor asked the court to find Ngirutang to be in violation of his probation for “intentionally” failing to make payments.  The court ruled Ngirutang violated his probation and sentenced him to 30 days in jail and community service. 

Ngirutang said the payment that OSP referred to was made to the estate of his father, and he didn’t have the authority to arbitrarily use it to pay his personal debts.  He said he did not have an attorney at the time and so was not able to properly defend himself.  He served time in jail and did community service with the Ministry of Justice.

Former governor Ngirutang said it was never his intention to misuse public funds and that they were not expended for personal use. The funds’ expenditure did not follow the procurement process, and therefore, he was liable.

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