Ms. Hiromi Ito has re-joined the Palau International Coral Reef Center (PICRC) as a fulltime, Graphic Designer under the Aquarium Department.

Visual design is considered as an effective way of engaging students and the community in science and research. Successfully communicating the work that is produced by PICRC is critical and graphic visualization can help simplify complex ideas.

In this position, Ms. Ito will be responsible for developing new educational materials and displays for the Palau Aquarium Exhibits. Ms. Ito will assist in the design and development of a new website for the Center. Additional responsibilities include marketing materials for the Palau Aquarium, building the capacity of PICRC staff, and developing standards for the design and implementation of all new promotional and educational materials.

Ms. Ito has an impressive background in Graphic Design. She received a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Visual Communication Design from the University of Tsukuba’s School of Art and Design. Since graduating she has worked for multiple advertisement agencies doing marketing and design. Ms. Ito joined PICRC in October 2017 as a JICA volunteer. She volunteered for six months, assisting with the development of marketing materials, signs for Palau Aquarium, and merchandise for the Giant Clam Gift Shop.

Ms. Ito made a lot of improvements during her time as a volunteer and PICRC is excited to have her back. Her expertise will have a large impact on PICRC and the way PICRC communicates science to the general public. (PR)