Palau High School’s history students conducted a field trip in the Rock Islands Southern Lagoon to learn about its historical, cultural, and environmental significance.

The students, who were divided into two groups, visited the famous site on November 20 and December 7 where they were able to see World War II relics.

The groups also had a brief stop at the popular Milky Way, a tour at the Jellyfish Lake, and stopover in Ulong before heading back to Koror.

With the Jellyfish Lake recently opened for public visitors, the students were looking forward to see the Jellyfish at their current developmental stage.  Some of the students were first time Jellyfish Lake visitors.

Palau High School Principal Smyth Rdang and the students humbly convey their heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Governor Franco Gibbons and his team for the support provided in making the trips possible. (PR)