Four Seasons Hospitality Apprenticeship Program

The Four Seasons Resort at the Maldives has extended its accredited Hospitality Apprenticeship Program to Palau, the first time that it is offered outside of Maldives. 

The program coordinators from Four Seasons – Maldives, are in Palau this week interviewing potential candidates for the training.

The one-year apprenticeship program is fully paid, with room and board provided free and a $150 monthly allowance. 

It accepts young men and women with little or no working experience and who are at the beginning of their careers.  The training includes theoretical and practical components and emphasizes training in the actual environment that trainees will eventually work.

Armando Kraenzlin, Regional Vice-President and General Manager of Four Seasons – Maldives said that the program has been running for 21 years and have produced over 700 successful graduates.  It is accredited by the government of Maldives.

“We hire only a few but after each program completion, companies are waiting to hire the graduates,” Mr. Kraenzlin said in an interview with Island Times yesterday.

“We have contacted Palau Community College graduates and promoted the program through emails and notices to governors and the high schools,” said Minister Ngirai Tmetuchl of the HRCTD Ministry.  About 10 interested young people were present at the start of the program presentation yesterday.

“The Four Seasons Apprenticeship Programme opens a gateway of opportunity for young and dynamic Palau nationals looking to enter into the hospitality industry.  By providing technical knowledge, academic skills, and developing self-confidence, the participants learn to excel in their designated disciplines,” states the program information pamphlet.

When asked if this was being offered in anticipation of the planned Four Seasons Resort in Palau, Mr. Kraenzlin said no, that the planned Four Seasons is still “way in the future”.

He added that they were here just to extend the program to Palau.  (By: L.N. Reklai)

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