Four states are set to hold general elections this year. Ngaraard, Ngchesar and Koror states will hold general elections in November to elect new governments. Peleliu State general election will follow in December.
So far Ngaraard State had one candidate declare his intention to run for the Office of Governor. Former Governor Isaac Bai has announced his candidacy on the radio, citing his clear audit records while in office. Mr. Bai served one term as governor and was displaced in the last election by the current Governor Benjamin Iskawa.
Ngchesar State, the only state in Palau practicing a parliamentarian system, will also
hold its general election in November. They will be looking to elect 9 representatives to
join traditional leaders to make up the Ngchesar State Council. The majority of the Ngchesar State Council will elect a governor from among their membership.
Palau’s most populous state, Koror State, will also have its general election in
November. To date, three candidates for the governor’s seat have made public declarations. Former governor Yoshitaka Adachi, current legislator Jennifer Sugiyama and former speaker Eyos Rudimch all have issued their declarations through radio, television and social media. Current Governor Franco Gibbons and Speaker Alan Marbou have had their names mentioned to run for the Office of Governor, but there has been no official word issued from either one.
Peleliu State will be the fourth state to have its general election this year in December.
This will be the last term of its current Governor Temmy Shmull, who has served for three consecutive terms, in accordance with the Peleliu State Constitution. Although no official word has been released, former governor Jackson Ngiraingas and current Speaker Eufrasia Remeliik are said to be in the race for the Office of Governor.

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