Freedom consists not in doing what we like, but in having the right to do what we ought.  ~Pope John Paul II

When I talk about freedom (in Christ) I’m saying, “In Christ I am free from legalistic religious man-made rules and regulations. I belong to GOD, my Creator.

I’m no longer slave to sin. It doesn’t mean I can do whatever I want anywhere I want because I’m forgiven under grace. Oh NO!  I choose to love God and others as I love myself. (I’m still learning to love myself correctly).

 I call this a journey to my heart because it’s all about Jesus and his love, mercy and grace. He lives in my heart. 

One aspect of God’s love is to help others, especially those who have no voice. Feed the hungry.  Practice the Golden Rule “Do unto others what I would have others do unto me.”  Matthew 7:12 And I will serve others as my Higher Calling.

There’s an old song that still rings in my head, Freedom Isn’t Free by Paul Colwell. Blood were spilled for our freedom as people of this small islands. U.S. military fought for our freedom in the Pacific in World War II to give us back our own land.  I’m thankful and proud of two of my  nephews and my grandson joined the US Armed Forces. It’s giving back.  Yes freedom isn’t free.

With freedom comes responsibility. The road to freedom is through realism. Realism rejects imaginative idealization in favour of a close observation of outward appearances.

Forgiveness is built on freedom.

And for believers, Jesus paid the ransom so we can be free from the prison of sin (independent of God) and death (legalism/ religiosity) which is really a superficial faith. You do religious acts to be seen but the heart is dying of neglect.

Becoming free of self-blame which is really self-loathing or self-obsession doesn’t happen overnight.  It’s a process.  The constant emotional abuse,  criticisms,  manipulations and gaslighting, flying monkeys the narcissist put you through are deeply ingrained in the brain. Like old habits die hard is true. They will subconsciously sabotage your pursuit of excellence. It takes a lot of self discipline to shut those inner voices down and move forward. It’s a hard work that’s why religion tend to be more attractive to many than a relationship with Christ. Religion will tell you what to do and when you fail you’re condenmed to hell. Thus it takes courage to cut these abusers off of your life. You’ll be misunderstood but we let go and let GOD be the Supreme Being.  He knows all things and HE will never give up on you. 

Without self-awareness I couldn’t hear the voices in my head. I thought i was just kedung el ngalk. I knew something was horribly wrong in my head. A coworker suggested I go see a in-house psycho-therapist. So began the journey to discover myself. I learned that I am not my name.  I am more than just two words my father gave me. When God found me  everything changed. I studied in Christian seminary where I learned that if I wanted to know myself I  need to know my Creator.

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