April 10, 2023- The Earth Day Celebrations have begun! The first of many of this year’s activities was a mangrove clean-up that started at Nandeng Dock in Ngerkesoaol down to Koror State’s Solid Waste Management Office. The clean-up was spearheaded by the FRIENDS of the PNMS in collaboration with Palau’s Earth Day Committee.

To honor this year’s theme, “Invest in Your Community”, we went into the mangroves to remove debris build-up and to help clear habitats for the vulnerable species that live in them. The mangrove ecosystems are important in that they not only protect endangered marine life, they also protect the surrounding environment from storms, tsunamis, and rising sea levels. Mangroves also prevent coastal erosion and regulate coastal water quality.

In total, a whopping 331 kg (729 lbs) of trash was collected in the mangroves! Most of what was collected were tires, styrofoam, and broken down plastics that clung to seaweed. With our efforts this year, we hope to continue this work in the future  to safeguard our mangroves and keep our communities clean.

The Earth Day Committee and the FRIENDS of the PNMS would like to thank our many friends and sponsors for supporting and participating in the clean-up:  KSG Legislature (Ngerkesoaol, Idid, Medalaii, and Ngerbeched), Office of the Vice President, Sons of Sureor, Fish N Fins, Belau Offshore Fisheries Inc, Paddling Palau,

Geggie Asanuma, Tiger Team (USMC in Palau), Civic Action Team and their Medic, Bureau of Fisheries, Palau Conservation Society, Koror State Rangers, Palau International Coral Reef Center, Franco Store, and last but not least, our volunteers from Ngerkesoaol, the US Embassy, and ICETT! Kom kmal mesulang!

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