Federated States of Micronesia (FSM) Congress adopted a resolution CR No. 22-200 on April 4, 2023, reaffirming its continued diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China and its support of the One China Policy as the official policy of FSM.

The resolution urged the President of FSM to make “no alteration to the diplomatic relation with the People’s Republic of China.”  It further says that it “strongly urges that its diplomatic relationship with the People’s Republic of China remain unchanged absent an in-depth study, consultation with this Congress and a broad segment of National and State Governments, and compelling evidence of any negative impact this diplomatic relationship has had on the Nation.”

Moreover, it said that FSM’s consistency in its foreign policy had increased its participation in global and regional organizations, enabling better access to development aid, training opportunities, and many other benefits. 

The resolution added that the consistency in its foreign policy has “led to security, peace, and stability.”

FSM President David Panuelo sent an explosive 13-page letter to the state governors of FSM on March 9, detailing China’s subversive activities aimed at undermining FSM leadership and government in favor of China’s goals.  He recounted attempts by China to bribe officials and undermine FSM sovereignty numerous times.  He warned that continued relations with China could cost FSM and the region’s people’s lives.

Panuelo, whose term is up in a few months, said he is contemplating switching diplomatic ties to the Republic of China-Taiwan for $50 million annually, which he said Taiwan was agreeable to.  China considered Taiwan a renegade part of China and seeks to bring it back into its fold.

The Congressional resolution may have destroyed the chance of FSM switching political alliances to Taiwan.

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