Public is informed and reminded not to be alarmed if they are to see ambulances, and other activities on the road in and around T-Dock area and in the water on November 9, 2023. 

National Emergency Management Office (NEMO) with other partners, will be conducting a full-scale live exercise simulating a passenger aircraft crash-landing into the ocean.

Again, this is an exercise to train all emergency responders for emergencies and people are urged to give way to emergency responders and to stay away from the T-Dock area, both on land and in the water for safety reasons. 

“The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that we, as a nation, remain as operationally ready as possible and to continue to build our capacity in these multi-agency collaborations to respond to calamities,” states the NEMO announcement.

The public is urged NOT TO PANIC.  This is only an exercise.

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