By: L.N.Reklai

April 27, 2017 (Koror, Palau) Driven to deliver a quality of service on par with the premier tourism destination, Palau Pacific Resort’s does not disappoint.

Its international guests, from Hong Kong, USA, Europe, Japan as well as local residents enjoyed themselves during a Prime Rib night, as recently observed by this writer. Serenaded by a local musician on a warm balmy night and served by efficient and knowledgeable local servers, guests talked among themselves exclaiming over their diving experiences and their plans to return again to Palau and to PPR.


Some even talked about returning just to see what the new cottages would be like.

Is providing a “high-end” accommodation with authentic local flavor an inaccessible goal for Palau? As national government policy pushes for “high-end or high-value” visitor industry, others have questioned Palau’s ability to deliver in the quality as well as the authenticity of the resultant services.

It was a reassuring to see, hear and experience such quality service and know that Palau can and is currently providing that “high-end, high value” experience it envisions for its future.

Such experience should be shared and it would be a great gift to senior citizen parents or partners this Senior Citizens Day or to mothers in the upcoming Mother’s Day to be given special treatment of dinner or lunch at Palau Pacific Resort and experience for oneself what “high- end service” means. It is not just for visitors but a pleasurable experience for residents of Palau. [/restrict]