3 vying for speakership

By: L.N. Reklai

December 14, 2017 (Koror, Palau) After a tight race between the two highest vote getters of the Koror State General Election, the unofficial results puts Franco Gibbons in clear lead for the seat of governor of Koror State.

Unofficial results show Franco Gibbons leading 1771 over Eyos Rudimch of 1,582, a difference of 189. At the general election, Eyos Rudimch led by 92 votes over Franco Gibbons.  Other five candidates had total combined votes of 1,152. These were mainly the votes both candidates vied for at the Runoff Election.

3,377 voters cast their votes at the runoff election compared to 3,770 that voted during the General Election in November.  About 393 that voted in the general election did not cast their votes in the runoff election.

Meanwhile, according to sources, all the legislator-elects of Koror State with exception of Ngerkebesang and Dngeronger, met this weekend to caucus and decide on the leadership of the next Koror State legislature.

They were unable to confirm leadership but sources say that legislator-elects Ann Pedro, Vann Isaac and Felix Francisco were vying for speakership.

11th Koror State government sets the trend for all other States in coming years by having legislature and governor made up of younger individuals than their predecessors. [/restrict]