Pictured is Mrs. Ana Sakuma-Tadao representing Globus Inc. presenting the check to PCS Development Officer, Mr. John Techitong.

On June 16th, 2022, Globus, Inc. renewed their commitment to Palau Conservation Society (PCS) by donating  $1,000 to support future conservation champions of Palau.  Globus  is owned and operated by a local entrepaneur, Mrs. Sally Techitong-Soalablai who upon inception of the company in 2019, has continuously supported PCS througout the years and is recognized as a Corporate Partner for Conservation (CPC).

As a Corporate Partner, Globus’ contribution will go towards projects such as PCS’ Invasive Species Awareness Program.  The project will include activities to develop awareness materials that align with the student learning targets in the Public Schools of Palau. Awareness materials developed through this project will also be made available for the National Invasive Species Committee (NISC) to be used to reach a wider target.

Donations from our Corporate Partners for Conservation play a critcal role in PCS’s ability to continue it’s work in environmental conservation.  Globus’s donation is a reflection of the conservation spirit present in Palau’s business community.

The PCS board members and staff would like to express our sincere appreciation for the support from Mrs. Sally Techitong-Soalablai and Globus and are proud of our shared commitment to protecting Palau’s environment for future generations.  Any company or interested individuals wishing to make a donation is encouraged to contact PCS’s Executive Director, Ms. Michelle Ngirutang or Development Officer, Mr. John Techitong at 488-3993, or via email at mngirutang@palauconservationsociety.org. and jtechitong@palauconservation.org

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