According to the governor’s office. the FAS citizen is now in the custody of the federal government for deportation.

Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo has commuted the sentence of another FSM citizen but instead of sending Linus Takao Olter on a one way ticket to Kosrae, the governor sent him to US Immigrations and Customs Enforcement or ICE for deportation.


This is the eighth immigrant whose sentence was commuted by the governor. The first five were sent back to Chuuk on the condition that they never return to Guam.

Two more were sent to the federal government and now the governor is once again taking the steps to deport a criminal through the usual channels of the federal government.

In a release, the governor’s office says Olter is a convicted rapist who was only sentenced to two years for attempted third-degree criminal sexual conduct.

He was scheduled to be released next year but the governor commuted the remainder of Olter’s sentence to give up custody to the federal government.

You can read the release from the governor’s office below:

The Governor has authorized the transfer a convicted rapist currently held at the Department of Corrections to the custody of the federal government.

Linus Takao Olter, a FSM citizen from the state of Kosrae, was identified by U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement as having committed a deportable offense.

Olter was sentenced for two years for attempted third-degree criminal sexual conduct as a second-degree felony. He was scheduled to be released next year. The Governor commuted the remainder of Olter’s prison sentence today, allowing his custody to be taken over by the federal government and be processed for deportation.

The Office of the Attorney General assisted with identifying and informing the victim who is a minor.

This is the eighth inmate no longer in the custody of DOC through the Governor’s initiative. The first five were voluntary removals and the last two were transferred to U.S. immigrations officials for deportation.

The Governor has said this initiative will continue.

“I have a responsibility and I’m acting on that. I’m glad to see that we are now being engaged by the U.S. federal government who seem to better understand the position Guam is in and are showing that they will work with us to protect every man, woman and child on this beautiful island that so many people call home,” the Governor stated. [/restrict]