By: L.N. Reklai

October 18, 2016 (Koror) A case filed by the Special Prosecutor against Governor Browny Salvador of Ngarchelong State Government alleging disbursement of funds without legal appropriation and authorization of law maybe mute due to NSGPL No. 16-68, Ngarchelong State law.


The law passed by Ngarchelong State Government authorized and approved past expenditures made by Governor for his salary and related expenses.  Bill finding states that though the law requires that the Governor’s salary be set by law, State records did not make clear what exactly is amount of salary the Governor should be receiving.

According to the findings, this lack of clarity has led to confusion and debate.  The bill authorizes all past payments and set specifically the Governor’s salary at $26,000 per annum and employer’s share at $3,770 per annum.

“The confusion stems from the fact that members of legislature assumed that the employer’s share of salary expense should come out of the employee’s salary.  My salary, if set at $26,000 per annum, my share of Social Security, Pension and insurance is deducted out of it but the employer’s share must come from the employer, not deducted from my salary,” stated Governor Browny Salvador.

“The employer’s share or fringe benefits are mandated by national law.  We cannot say we will not pay these. And I reprogrammed funds within the budget to cover these expenses when our legislature did not pass specific budget for them.  I have that reprogramming authority in our State constitution,” added Governor Salvador.

The State law deemed all previous expenditures for salary approved. [/restrict]