Former Ngarchelong Governor Browny Salvador, who was found guilty in June by the Palau Supreme Court for misconduct in public office, was sentenced to a two-year probation, with the payment of $5,000 restitution to Ngarchelong State and a $1,000 fine.
Charges brought against the former governor pertain to the Ngara Klikm bus incident, when he used a state-owned vehicle to transport people to his own political campaign, and later when he used state funds to settle a lawsuit against him for the Ngara Klikm bus crash.
Sentencing took place on Thursday, August 6, under Presiding Justice Oldiais Ngiraikelau. “To say the Court is disappointed is an understatement,” said Justice Ngiraikelau. He emphasized that elected officials must not use government property to serve themselves, and that the people of Palau deserve better from their representatives.
The bus incident occurred in August 2014, when a bus donated to Ngarchelong State by the Ngara Klikm women’s group crashed on its way to the Governor’s political rally in Koror’s Sunset Park, carrying supporters for the Governor. The Court pointed out that, while the former Governor himself was not responsible for the crash, it was being driven at his direction and for his personal benefit.
In 2017, former Governor Salvador used $5,000 of government funds to settle a civil lawsuit against Ngarchelong State involving the bus crash.
Despite the fact that the two charges against him, one a misdemeanor violation of the Code of Ethics and the other a felony for Misconduct in Public Office, could carry a combined 11-year prison sentence, the Republic recommended that the Defendant not be imprisoned due to concerns over his health.

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