The government has asked the United States Center for Disease Control (CDC) to clarify its COVID 19 level 3 travel advisory for Palau, which it believes is unfit for a COVD-free nation.
In an email to CDC Public Affairs, Press Secretary Olkeriil Kazuo said that the information being disseminated by the CDC “ does not appear to be tailored to Palau in any way.”
CDC has advised travelers to “reconsider travel to Palau due to COVID-19.”
In issuing a Level 3 Travel Health Notice, CDC said Palau “has lifted stay at home orders and resumed some transportation options and business operations.”
Mr. Kazuo said no such measures have been imposed by Palau because it has remained coronavirus- free.
But Mr. Kazuo said Palau has never recorded community transmission or imported COVID-19 cases. The press secretary also reminded CDC that the COVID-free status was made possible through the help of the U.S.
“Palau has conducted more than 1,400 clinical tests for COVID-19, thanks to the generous assistance of international partners including agencies of the U.S. Government, and every single test has come back negative. This is well known to the CDC, and Palau does not understand why a public release related to COVID-19 in Palau would neglect to mention that COVID-19 has never been identified in Palau.”
He said that the CDC ’s criteria for risk assessment “paints a picture of a country that has experienced a serious COVID-19 outbreak, and that was forced into an extreme ‘shutdown’ situation. This is essentially the opposite of the true situation in Palau, where we have yet to encounter the COVID-19 virus.”
The government, he said, can’t understand the designation when it is in regular communication with the CDC.
“The extraordinarily close cooperation of Palau and the United States in COVID-19 response makes it difficult to understand how CDC could release information that is so incorrect.”
Mr. Kazuo said the government of Palau “would appreciate clarification of this Advisory and an explanation of the process that led to its issuance.”

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