The government (defendant) has filed seeking an extension of time to file a response to a lawsuit filed by Dr. Lina Algahamdi (plaintiff) against the Ministry of Health and Human Services, alleging breach of contract and for allegedly preventing her from reporting malpractice.

In filing for a time extension, the government sought two weeks, saying that it was in the process of negotiating with the plaintiff (Dr. Lina Al Ga Hamdi) for an “amicable” settlement, and such a settlement would lead to the dismissal of the case. 

In an email provided to Island Times, Dr. Al Ga Hamdi did not agree to the government filing for an extension, but her response came only after the government had filed the motion for an extension of time.

Responding to AAG Burch’s filing, Dr. Al Ga Hamdi accused the AAG of being a fraudster, saying she was forced to say she received compensation and did not.

More research into Dr. Lina Al Ga Hamdi revealed lawsuits filed in Canada and Australia by Dr. Al Ga Hamdi and the appeals she lost.  In Canada, the Ontario Court dismissed her appeal in a case where she had refused to leave the property she had rented and got into a fight with the owners.  In Australia, where she was employed by Cairns and Hinterland Hospital and Health Service (the Health Service) as a Senior House Officer in 2015, her contract was not renewed, and she sued to be reinstated.  The court ruled against her appeal for reinstatement in 2022.

A letter from Minister of Health and Human Service Gaafar Uherbelau to Senator Dr. Stevenson Kuartei said that the Ministry of Health and Human Services, as well as the public, “have fallen victim to Dr. Lina Al Ga Hamid  and her absurd and slandering conduct in recent weeks.”

“Since her arrival in June, her consistent lack of professionalism and unethical actions ultimately led to the termination of her employment with MHHS on August 1, 2023,” stated Minister Uherbelau in his letter. Dr. Lina Algahamid worked for approximately two months before she was fired from MHHS

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