The government will provide targeted assistance and support to members of the community and sector affected by the increasing fuel prices and those yet to recover from the impacts of COVID- 19. 

In the press conference last week, Finance Minister Kaleb Udui said that the government is also working directly with various sectors to provide much-needed assistance that is not in the budget.  

“We are being very conservative, and that the budget doesn’t represent all of the assistance that’s being provided by the government.”

He said a social protection grant is providing help to the grassroots such as the elderly and the disadvantaged.

“The program is to find those disadvantaged people, elderly needing house renovations, we will fund those renovations. It’s a very directed assistance to people.”

More assistance is also being provided to people who need it the most.

“So we continue to use any additional appropriation to help people, directly targeting those people and not helping people who don’t need help.  The same goes for the CROSS Act that we are reducing the people who are getting assistance because some of the businesses are already receiving a lot of tourists, especially from the military,” Udui added. 

The Fiscal Year 2023 budget propose an increase in government salary, which will help government workers with the challenges of increasing fuel prices. It also provides subsidy to AFPAC, fuel cost of PPUC to assist people with cost of power. Energy subsidy funding is still available for those with low income using 0-150 kWh. per month.

Government now provides targeted assistance to those who really need it explained Minister Udui.

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