On day 3 of the Greco Roman Competition, Cristian Etpison Nicolescu ( Cristian Nicolescu) competed against Mohammed Al-Saedi of Iraq in the mens 65kg division. Mohammed was quick to grapple and take control of the match by taking Nicolescu to the ground and winning the match by a score of 8-0. He went on to wrestle against Tasmuradov of Uzbekistan but lost 6-0. Nicolescu would rank 13 out of 16 wrestlers. Kalenov of Kazakstan would win the gold medal, Souri of Iran silver medal and Uiri of Japan the bronze medal and Tasmuradov the bronze medal.


Jarvis Blesam Tarkong wrestled Mustafa Hussaini of Afghanistan in the mens Greco roman style 71kg class. The match was intense and exciting with Mustafa being the first to score 2 points but eventually the match would end with a score of 11-2 in favor of Mustafa. Mustafa would go on to wrestle Seyhow of Turkmenistan but lost the match. Seyhow would win the bronze medal, Vardanyan (Uzbekistan) bronze medal, Seyhow the silver medal and Belfakeh of Iran the Gold medal. Tarkong ranked 10 out of 13 wrestlers.

Skarlee Renguul competed against Khil Malik of Afghanistan in the mens Greco Roman Style 75kg class. Malik dominated the match against Renguul for the win 9-0. Malik would go on to wrestle Iran but lose the match. Iran would win the gold medal with China silver, India and Kazakhstan both bronze medalists.

Out of 17 wrestlers in his class, Renguul ranked 15th overall. This was the last match for team Palau and they are currently flying out from Ashgabat, Turkmenistan and will arrive home tonight Friday September 29, 2017. Big congratulations to all Athletes, Coaches, Team Chef de Mission, Support Staff, Families and friends of the athletes for a job well done. [/restrict]