Ngardmau, Palau December 3rd 2021    Ngardmau Governor, Blesoch J. Aderkeroi today welcomed dignitaries including President Surangel Whipps Jr, Senator the Hon Marise Payne, Australia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and Minister for Women, US Ambassador, John Hennessey-Niland,

Ambassador of Japan, Akira Karasawa, Australian Ambassador, Richelle Turner, Minister for Public Infrastructure and Industries, Charles Obichang to Ngardmau, where the Cable Landing Station (CLS)

for Palau’s second submarine cable connection will be installed by Belau Submarine Cable Corporation (BSCC).

DXN Limited of Australia has already completed the design and has begun fabrication of the modular CLS. Matthew Madden, CEO, DXN Limited said, “DXN is delighted to be selected by BSCC for the deployment of their Cable Landing Station (CLS). As this will be our eleventh CLS build in the region, DXN has a growing reputation as the go-to trusted partner to build high-quality critical infrastructure for the subsea industry. It is a privilege to be part of this project.”.

Surangel and Sons Construction will undertake civil works associated with the CLS site, and construction of the nearly 2 km of duct works to connect to the beach bulkhead on the Ngardmau dock. Pre-fabrication of pits, beach bulkhead and beach cable pit is also under way. This work is expected to be completed by mid-2022, in readiness for the cable landing. The submarine cable itself, plus the land cable, terminals and power feed equipment will be provided by NEC of Japan, who also built the first Palau international submarine cable in 2017, with a landing at Ngeremlengui.

BSCC CEO, Robin Russell, said he expected the second cable to be ready for service in Q3 2023. “Both the Ngardmau and Ngeremlengui cable stations will be connected to BSCC’s fiber loop around the Compact Road, part of which is already operational, linking Ngeremlengui and Airai. We expect the loop to be completed in Q1 2022. Our Airai technical center, also expected to complete in Q1 2022, will be the main connection point for Palau’s Retail Service Providers, who will have access to Singapore and mainland USA with the second cable, to complement the current Guam connection. When these elements are completed, Palau will enjoy very robust high-speed connectivity, which should facilitate the development of ICT based businesses.”

Palau’s second cable is a cooperative effort between the governments of Palau, USA, Japan and

Australia. The $30M project is financed through a combination of debt and grants by the Australian

Infrastructure Financing Facility for the Pacific, Australian Aid, USAID, Japan Bank for International Cooperation, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation and NEXI Insurance, plus Republic of Palau equity sourced from Compact of Free Association infrastructure funding. As for the first cable, BSCC will be supported by a Project Management Unit provided by McCann Consulting International of


President Surangel Whipps Jr said he was delighted to see the project moving into the construction phase. “The work will be a nice boost for the economies of Ngardmau and Palau,” he said, “But the real benefits will come from securing Palau’s connections to the international community.”

About BSCC

Belau Submarine Cable Corporation (BSCC) was established in late 2015 by the Palau government to implement a submarine fiber optic cable network connecting the Republic of Palau with the wider world. Funding of US$25M was provided by the Asian Development Bank. Prior to this initiative, Palau’s only connectivity was through expensive, low speed satellite links. The BSCC cable was Ready for Service December 7th, 2017, ahead of schedule and under budget.

Since then, BSCC has recorded very rapid capacity growth, spurring new developments across the whole Palau community in business, social interactions, education, medicine, entertainment, and government.

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DXN Limited designs, builds, owns and operates data centres. Offering integrated, customised and tailored solutions to customers, DXN provides businesses with the option of delivering solutions to site through containerised modules, or space in DXN’s modular colocation facilities to suit technical specifications and operational requirements. From a single rack in the colocation facilities through to fully customised Edge Infrastructure, DXN Limited can deliver a range of solutions to meet modern data centre requirements. 

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About Surangel and Sons Construction

Surangel and Sons Co. was founded in 1980 by Surangel Whipps. Surangel and Sons is a multifaceted company carrying a wide range of products for wholesale and retail distribution. Surangel and Sons Co. is an Import, Retail, Wholesale, Logistics, Construction and Travel Company.

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