“Tourism is coming back. It is bouncing back. And I strongly believe it will come back stronger and better, in those areas that other countries envy, and that actually people are dearly waiting to go back to, such as here in Palau where the ecosystems are pristine.  Because that is what people understand now and really appreciate,” said Ms. Dona Bertarelli, UNCTAD Special Advisor for Blue Economy said on new directions and initiatives for Ocean yesterday.

Banking on the same hope and concept, a new model of responsible tourism aimed at changing the way people interact responsibly in a pristine environment, Ol’au Palau was created and launched during Our Ocean Conference week.

Ol’au Palau visitor application program, turns a simple visitor experience into a game of good behavior and rewards, rewarding the guest for good behavior, with unique and authentic experiences.

The program includes the world’s first personal carbon calculator that helps each visitor to monitor their carbon footprint.  Using this personal calculator, using reef-safe sunscreen, and going to businesses that incorporate environmentally friendly business practices.

Points are given for good behavior and the accumulation of points is then translated to additional tourism activities that are unique.

Ol’au Palau is another unique product like Palau Pledge that directs Palau’s visitors to enjoy Palau while realizing that they also contribute to its continued healthy environment through positive re-enforcements.

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