SUVA, 30 AUGUST 2017 (FIJI TIMES)–Guam has the facilities and the capability required to host a successful 2019 Pacific Games in a short space of time.

This was confirmed by Pacific Games Council (PGC) president Vidhya Lakhan after the delegation’s visitation and assessment of Guam’s potentiality in hosting the games successfully. [restrict

A PGC statement reads Lakhan and its chief executive officer Andrew Minogue completed their two-day evaluation visit of Guam.

It is one of the three countries that have expressed interest in hosting the 2019 Pacific Games.

“Guam has presented a very professional expression of interest to host the 2019 Pacific Games and has demonstrated during our visit that they have the facilities and capability required to deliver a successful Games in a short space of time,” Lakhan said in the statement.

Lakhan was confident they would be receiving positive indications from Guam’s legislature that the necessary financial arrangements would be approved in the event that Guam would be awarded the Games.

“This would ensure the stability and certainty that the PGC is seeking in the wake of the Tongan Government’s withdrawal as host.

It also revealed that the PGC delegations were very impressed with all of the elements of their evaluation visit.

This included the proposed sporting facilities many of which have been built since Guam last hosted the South Pacific Games in 1999.

This would only require a minimal level of refurbishment to be ready to host the Pacific Games in 2019.

It also indicated that the Guam National Olympic Committee still have a solid core of experienced personnel who delivered the 1999 Games which will aid Guam’s sports federations to deliver a large scale event like the 2019 Pacific Games in a short space of time, the media release statement reads..PACNEWS [/restrict]