August 14, 2017 (Guam) Citizen and residents of Guam, took to the streets yesterday staging a peaceful rally amid threats of missile strikes from North Korea and tough language from Washington.


Mixed reactions are coming from various citizens but panic is not one of them.

Strong assurances are coming from Governor Eddie Calvo of Guam and U.S. President Trump says that Guam is well-secured and protected.

For most people of Guam, evidence of security is seen as they go on with their daily lives and routines.

But the faith in U.S. ability to secure Guam is not only demonstrated by locals but also by tourists coming to Guam as number of visitors continue to increase despite threats of possible thermonuclear attack.

North Korea had threatened to strike waters near Guam when UN Security Council voted to sanction it.

The threat was further escalated when President Trump threatened to rain “fire and fury” on North Korea should it attack any part of United States.

According to reports, North Korea plan to fire four missiles into waters near Guam when the plan is approved by Kim Jong Un and it will take  missiles 14 minutes to travel from North Korea to Guam.

Guam is a U.S. territory and home to 160,000 people including about 2,000 Palauans as well as other Micronesians.

President Remengesau had earlier expressed his confidence in United States ability to protect the islands but hoped that it will not come to that where it will require protection. He expressed hope that cooler heads will prevail. [/restrict]