Damages to Palau Bai in Guam by Super Typhoon Mamwar.(contributed photos)

Super Typhoon Mawar’s devastation of Guam affected the Micronesia region, especially with so many citizens of Micronesia, Palau and the Marshall Islands living in Guam.

Many Palauan families at home had a sleepless night worrying about their children and families in Guam, monitoring the storm as it moved toward Guam yesterday evening.

Calls between families were cut off when power outages occurred in Guam, plunging Guam into the dark. 

“It feels like I am in an airplane. I am so scared,” said one Palauan girl talking to her family in Palau.

Not only Palauan families in Palau but also families of the US and other Micronesians were communicating with their relatives in Guam as the news of the storm was broadcasted on national televisions on major news networks.

Photos of the extent of the damages in Guam were immediately circulated on social media once power was restored in certain areas of Guam.

Yesterday, Palau National Communications Corporation (PNCC) gave everyone in Palau with the prepaid mobile account or with International Direct Dial Service a 24-hour free call to Guam from Palau on May 25th to communicate with their families.

The aftermath of typhoon Mawar in Guam shows homes and infrastructure down and pictures of Palauan bais, Asahi and Peleliu bais roofs blown off with extensive damages.  Palau had sent into Guam and Saipan manpower to help restore power and clear the debris from previous typhoons.  So far no official word yet of the possible team to help in Guam recovery.

More frequent and severe natural disasters have been predicted for the world this century due to the climate change impact.  Palau, Guam, CNMI and the rest of Micronesia can be certain that the likes of Super Typhoon Mawar will be visiting the region soon and should plan ahead.

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